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Douglas Kerbs

Veteran Real Estate Agent

Douglas Kerbs Offers Enthralling Four Seasons Private Residences

Douglas Kerbs Offers Enthralling Four Seasons Private Residences in Denver’s private enclave residences along 14th Street, better known as “four seasons” that includes Unit 1950, an impressive combination of modern and colonial type of residence located at 1133 14th Street, facing the panoramic mountain vistas with a captivating view of the Denver skyline. 

Classified as superior grade townhome complex, the design, development, construction and finishing of the project has involved the precise and detailed involvement of Douglas Kerbs. He believes it is imperative to establish a good relationship with clients and he became determined in the introduction of innovations into the neighborhood.

Richly imbued with aesthetic forms in an impressive arrangement of supremely designed fixtures, the Douglas Kerbs Offers Enthralling Four Seasons Private Residences become a unique experience of urban living in a splendid Denver, Colorado environment.


Outside, the view of the Rocky Mountains from a far distance contrasts with the trees and green environment that are interspersed with the prominent well designed Four Seasons properties and other commercial structures constructed in the area. The mountains provide a backdrop that create vibrant and positive surroundings for an enhanced townhouse living. 


Resident-owners can experience to the full satisfaction the peace and serenity of an environmentally-enhanced urban community in Douglas Kerbs Offers Enthralling Four Seasons Private Residences in Denver. 


The homes reveal well-designed layouts that present the best in Denver living. The 2-bedroom and 3-bathroom homes serve as a housing unit with standard components such as a living and dining area, a kitchen, bedrooms, a bath for each bedroom, a patio and a storage area. A walk-in closet is a great feature that provides greater breathing space for you as resident.


A remarkable performance in real estate sales was made by Douglas Kerbs when. During the initial close-out of the project, a significant 15 percent of the total sales were garnered by him without being on-site at the Downtown address of Douglas Kerbs Offers Enthralling Four Seasons Private Residences. 

After this significant event, Kerbs had a direct hand in the sales of eleven of the ensuing twenty-two re-sales of the Four Seasons Private Residences, Downtown. The unit prices in these residences range from $750,000 to $5,000,000.


A remarkable outcome was the emergence of a precedent value in the superior grade townhouse complex that was established by Kerbs which permitted him to sell a half-floor unit in January of 2014 at $967 per square foot – a stunning record for the city of Denver and its metro area. 

Douglas Kerbs Offers Enthralling Four Seasons Private Residences under the marketing domain of Douglas Kerbs delivers remarkable amenities such as a 24 hour room service, full service spa, state of the art fitness center, a salt water outdoor pool, a resident specific concierge, and valet. 

Come and see Douglas Kerbs and Four Seasons Private Residences. Call Douglas at 303.898.7818 or email at Or you can visit site :